Who are the Smiths?

  • A miserable 1980’s band from Manchester that accused people of murder because we had a burger
  • Almost everyone. The bible tells us that God liked the first Smith he made so much, that he went and made a whole load more.
  • A dynasty of rather good accountants. There have been many before me. There will be many after me.
  • I am David Smith. A Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  A fellow means that I am an experienced qualified accountant. 20 years’ experience of advising businesses and taxpayers. Dad Smith gave me brains. Mum Smith taught me to love and help people.  I am the best accountant you can have working for you. I am the best because I try harder than anyone else. I try harder because I care more than anyone else does.  Oh, yes, and I am a family man, breeding more Smiths for the world…