What We Do

As the name suggests, we are accountants. We provide the same basic services that you would get anywhere else and indeed that you need to comply with your obligations to Companies House and to H M Revenue & Customs.

For us, that is a bit of a sideshow. We go beyond the basics. Way beyond. As a customer, your needs are the most important part of our business.

We understand that everyone has different needs and we therefore tailor our service to suit you. We spend a lot of time at the beginning of our business relationship getting to know you and understanding what you need and how we can help.  You will find us verydifferent from other accountants, in this respect.

We can always help with tax.  We do not have one client who is not concerned by the size of their tax bill. Tax planning is therefore a very big part of what we do.  The planning bit refers to the use of strategies that we use to reduce the amount of tax you pay by always looking forward to how much you will earn and developing ways of getting you to pay less tax on that income. Many tax-saving tools at our disposal are only of use if put into place before your financial or tax-year-end. We are always ahead of the tax-game. Never behind.

As well as tax concerns, you might also have a need to understand how your business makes money. We can help with this. We design financial information systems that will measure (in your language) where your profit does and doesn’tcome from and we can advise on how to effect improvements. We can make accounts more valuable that you think. We call this profit improvement. Part of our profit improvement services is the provision of a break-even analysis. Many businesses find it very valuable to understand how much they need to sell in order to just break-even. We can tell you what this number is.

Forecasting is another service we regularly provide, whether this be in pursuit of cash flow management, budgeting, profit improvement, or in support of a change in your business.  Whether you want this or not, you might find your bank or other funder insists on it. Financing. We are not yet able to lend you money, but we do advise on the most effective way of funding your business. We then talk to funders on your behalf and supply them with the right financial information to secure their support. We will also help manage your relationship with your funder, supplying them with financial information that keeps them happy and smoothing over any problems that might arise when cash flow becomes tight.

For some businesses it is right to pursue growth as well as profit. It may be that growth = profit, it may be that the growth will ultimately lead to a higher selling price upon retirement, it may even be that your business just grows without you even trying. We can help you manage your business as it grows and as you need bigger premises, more staff, more working capital, you might even need to go out and buy another business.  When needed, we can also manage the reverse. Big does not always = profit.  Sometimes you can make a bit more with fewer overheads and a smaller workforce. We will not hesitate to tell you when this is the case and we can help you successfully implement a rationalisation of your business.

With experience as business advisors over and above counting beans for a living, there are many areas we can advise on. Whatever you need, you can count on us to be standing by your side, helping you to succeed.