Customers’ Charter

What you can expect
  • Our customers are the most important part of our business
  • Keeping customers happy is the only critical success factor that we pursue
  • A customer is always right.  We just reserve the right to advise on
    how you might be even more right in the future
  • We will understand you and tailor our service to suit you. No two customers will have the same service
  • You will only ever see and be advised by a fully qualified accountant
  • You will see us as often as you want. We are accountants and you might find us boring if we hang around too much, but we will be sat next to you whenever you want us to
  • Our customer-led business model features a limit on the number of clients we work for so that we will always have time for you
  • We only want your money if you are happy with the service we give. If you are not 100% happy with what we do for you, we invite you to pay only what you think is appropriate. There may be beans on toast on our table, but there will be no hard feelings.