HMRC Renew Guidance on Phishing Emails

Sometimes malice comes from HMRC.  Today, they are warning of others’ malice.

Statistically, this is a hot time for scammers and phishers.

We will all be familiar with emails saying they’re from HMRC when we know they are not.

Just in case there are new and more convincing emails doing the rounds this tax return season, here are the things that HMRC say they will never put in an email:

  • personal or financial information of any sort; this includes the customer’s full address, full postcode, Unique Tax Reference (UTR), or any bank details
  • financial information which refers to specific figures, tax computations or specific facts about a customer
  • email attachments
  • web links
  • an offer of a repayment or refund
  • a personal HMRC email address to send a response to.

Please be careful out there.