Still Not Calmed Down From Yesterday

In my rant of yesterday, I forgot to share an important tip that came from the case I covered.

The reason the Tribunal kicked the appeal out was that it was brought by the wrong partner.

In self assessment, one partner is nominated the point of contact.

Only the nominated partner can appeal a late filing penalty.

In this case, the nominated partner accepted and paid the penalty.  It was the other chap who brought the appeal.  He soon found he had wasted his time, because he was not allowed to appeal.

Ironically, he had given the other chap everything needed for the tax return and the other chap had failed to get the return in on time.

So, if you are going into partnership with someone(s), be careful who you allow to be nominated as the ‘representative’ partner.  Don’t let it be the one with no organisational skills, with a fear of confrontation and with loads of money in his bank.  You could end up through no fault of your own with a late return, fat filing penalties and no chance to appeal.