Health Professionals the Next in HMRC’s Sights

The latest in a series of ‘amnesties’ offered by the Revenue was announced today as health and wellbeing professionals (not doctors and dentists) are the new flavour of the month.

This ‘amnesty’ is a campaign to collect tax in that particular trade sector.

If you don’t come forward before 31st December, you will be subject to the full penalty regime.  If you come forward this year, the suggestion is that any penalty will be less than under the full regime.  All HMRC will say is that you will get “better terms”.

I am satisfied that HMRC know.  They have done this before with doctors who were grassed up by the Coroners Office and plumbers who were dobbed in by CORGI.  This time, we don’t know who is supplying HMRC with their data, but they say themselves that it comes from “third parties and regulatory bodies”.

I am not satisfied however, that they will catch up with you if you don’t come forward.  They may know, but they may not have the resources to knock on everyone’s door that they know about.  This is one school of though as to why they use these amnesties, because they know they simply don’t have the manpower to chase everyone themselves.